A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Type to find tags:
× 43058
For questions specific to Windows 7. Use [windows] instead for questions involving Windows in general.
× 36308
A family of Unix-like operating systems using the Linux kernel. If your question is about a certain distribution only, use a more specific tag.
× 33570
For questions not specific to a single version of Microsoft Windows. Otherwise, use a more specific tag such as [windows-7] or [windows-10].
× 19041
For questions on connecting devices together so that they can communicate with each other, as well as on networking equipment such as routers and switches.
× 17370
A Unix-based operating system developed and sold by Apple Inc. For Mac hardware questions, use [mac].
× 14351
Free, open-source operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. Ubuntu questions are on topic here, but if you prefer an Ubuntu-only audience there is AskUbuntu.com.
× 11311
A spreadsheet application by Microsoft. Use this tag along with [vba] if your question involves programming Excel in VBA, and with [worksheet-function] if it involves an Excel formula or worksheet fun…
× 10569
For questions specific to Windows 8. Use [windows] instead for questions involving Windows in general.
× 9742
should be used when asking home WiFi networking questions or connecting your personal computer to a public network. Questions about enterprise or corporate wireless networ…
× 9682
a non-volatile, random access device for storing digital data.
× 8957
For questions specific to Windows XP. Use [windows] instead for questions involving Windows in general.
× 7954
For questions specific to Windows 10. Use [windows] instead for questions involving Windows in general.
× 7689
a method of interacting with your OS or software by typing commands on your keyboard.
× 7489
The process of starting up a computer and loading the operating system.
× 7299
Hardware related questions of computers sold/made by Apple. Use [osx] for the operating system, and use [mac-address] for MAC addresses instead.
× 7260
Google's web browser available on both mobile and desktop platforms.
× 6706
a free shell for Unix-like operating systems from the GNU Project.
× 6191
a device that forwards data packets across multiple networks. Questions tagged with router can cover router hardware, software, and network configuration.
× 6162
Open-source web browser. Include tag of operating system if it's important/dependent.
× 5864
Secure Shell; a network protocol that allows data transfer over a secure channel between two networked devices.
× 5405
portable personal computers with an integrated screen and keyboard. They come in a variety of sizes.
× 5257
a general and universal interface standard for connecting computers and electronic devices.
× 5134
For questions specific to Windows 8.1. Use [windows] instead for questions involving Windows in general.
× 4611
a free, open source virtualization program from Oracle for the x86/x86_64 architectures.
× 4527
When you create two or more logical volumes (drives) from one physical hard disk (or other storage device), you're cooking with <i>partitions</i>.
× 4478
For questions about the recording and playback of speech and music on your computer, as well as for problems about the sound component of videos.
× 4253
RAM (random access memory), either RAM hardware or software and operating system use of RAM.
× 4154
Always use the version specific tag for your version of Microsoft Word unless asking a general non-version specific question.
× 4146
the middleware that allow computer programs to use resources of a specific hardware device.
× 3943
Email clients and mail transfer agents. Questions about webmail are off-topic.
× 3588
a widespread Linux distribution focusing on stability, security, and the free software philosophy.
× 3564
Questions about video editing, streaming, conversion, capturing or video output. Use a more specific tag if possible.
× 3554
The process of installing software, hardware, or peripherals on a personal computer.
× 3542
The protection of computer systems and information from threats such as theft or data destruction.
× 3525
An expansion card inserted into a motherboard for rendering graphics with enhanced performance over integrated graphics solutions.
× 3449
Display devices used with computers, such as monitors