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I've downloaded a lot of Windows 7 versions (release candidates, trial, x64 and x86, etc). The bad part is that the downloaded iso files don't have clear names, so I cannot to know wich version is each file.

I can check the files inside the iso using 7-Zip, by example. Then, reading the files and folders in the installation disk, how can I tell what Windows version and platform the installation refers to?

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Could you clarify this question a bit so it doesn't look so much like piracy? – davr Jan 25 '10 at 6:56
davr: What the point? I've got a lot of Windows 7 RC and trial versions (7100, 7022, etc...). My Windows 7 is original and I've not problems with piracy... – Click Ok Jan 25 '10 at 16:47
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I actually just found this tool, the Windows 7 ISO verifier. It has records of the hashes of various releases of Windows 7 ISOs. It is not updated any more, but if the ISOs are a bit older it will help:

alt text

another method, not the best solution, is to hash the ISO files using MD5 for example, then put that hash into a search engine. A number of sites post information regarding releases and will probably have the hash posted for verification.

I have just hashed my Windows 7 ISO and searching its hash gave me the correct result.

alt text

In this case, English 32-bit Windows 7 professional.

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