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This is the thing: I want to install Ubuntu side by side with Windows. I have a big NTFS partition that has a folder with the same name as my username (let's say "joe"). Inside "joe" I have my personal files. Outside "joe" but still in the partition, there is random stuff that doesn't really belong anywhere, or now useless programs that I had to install there because the main Windows partition ran out of space.

My question is: If during the Ubuntu installer I choose to use that partition as /home and make a user called "joe", will everything work fine? Is it better if I delete the extra stuff?

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I wouldn't recommend using an NTFS partition as your /home partition for Linux, it can cause a lot of problems and is not recommended.

If you want easy access to your Windows files, you can install via Wubi. It will automatically mount your Windows files under /host and /media. If you'd like to copy your Windows documents over to your Ubuntu install, there is an option for that I believe in the Ubuntu installer.

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Would it be okay to make home ext3 or 4 and make symlinks to the NTFS partition? – Javier Jan 24 '10 at 22:26
Yes, you can symlink to an NTFS partition from ext3 or 4. – John T Jan 24 '10 at 22:28

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