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How can I have a large bandwidth,and how can I have a static IP address?

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This info is easily available on the web. Talk to your ISP about a static IP and the amount of bandwidth you are looking for. Check to see if fiber is available in your area.

I run Ubuntu Server and host a couple of sites. Below is a getting started with Ubuntu Server link. Read everything you can and talk to someone in the business. Usually we are glad to help.


EDIT: 9.04 is an older version, but the info still applies. Get the latest version here.

EDIT: Additionally, I use Putty to connect to and administer my server. I have learned more in the last year from running this sever than I ever expected. If this is just a home/personal site have fun with it (the server)!

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You need three things.

Static IP from your ISP Bandwidth from your ISP Server for hosting websites (Windows, Linux/Apache, other)

Some ISP's actually "forbid" hosting public websites... you can usually still get away with it, but i'm not advocating it ;-)

Also, as a "hack" if you don't have a Windows Server license but you want to run IIS, just grab a copy of XP Pro, Vista Business, Win7 Pro, etc... those OS's allow for a SINGLE website in IIS.

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