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Can someone tell me what to do for lock automatically slackware 13 if not used for n minutes ?

What can i do to start automatically the ktorrent (a bittorrent program for linux) on system starts on slackware 13 ?

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If you're using X11, and you want to use xlockmore, the lightest-weight screen locker I've found, you can download and install xautolock and then add the following to your .xinitrc:

# start the auto-locker (defaults to 10 minutes)
xautolock &

# start the window manager of my choice
#exec /usr/bin/fluxbox
#exec /usr/bin/blackbox
exec /usr/bin/foo_window_manager

It's a traditional GNU/Linux app, so the settings are in ~/.Xdefaults. See man page.

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  1. I don't see what's the point of automated locking. Is it so hard to start xlock manually when you are going AFK? If you have a specific scenario, please provide more details why this won't work for you.

  2. ktorrent is a GUI app, so having it to start when system starts is probably wrong. I don't think it will run if no X server at least is running yet. I you want a bittorrent client that would always run in the background, pick one without GUI. I suggest rtorrent. Doesn't come with Slackware, but you could build it yourself (there's a SlackBuild for it at

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Slackware's default desktop is KDE and it can lock the screen after X minutes: SystemSettings > Display > Screen Saver.

Ktorrent can be made to start on KDE start by using either Session Management or adding Ktorrent to your list of Autostart programs. Both of these can be set in SystemSettings > Startup and Shutdown.

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