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All I want to do is make the background for Mac OS X's Terminal Black so that I can run a Perl script with Terminal and have the background black for that.

How would I do this for Mac OS X?
How would I do this for an average Linux?

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well, which terminal on linux? xterm has a different method of configuration from gnome-terminal from konsole, etc etc etc... – Babu Jan 25 '10 at 14:15

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I'm not sure about Linux but on Mac OS X you can change the theme in the preferences. Open Terminal, then go to the Terminal menu -> Preferences, choose the Settings tab and set the Pro theme as the default.

If you don't need it as the default you can choose Shell -> New Window/Tab -> Pro and you'll get a one off terminal with that theme.

I'm sure something similar is possible on Linux also.

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Assuming that you want to change the colours of the screen from your Perl script, then you could look at using ANSI Color from CPAN. For example code, look here.

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