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I am looking for a command-line tool for Windows that will allow me to set the ID3 tags on an MP3 file.

For example, something like this would be ideal:

C:\> setID3.exe myfile.mp3 -artist "The Smashing Pumpkins" -album "Siamese Dream" -title Mayonaise -track 9 -year 1993

(The reason for this is that my MP3 files are named in a few specific nomenclatures. I have already written a Perl script that can intelligently determine what nomenclature the file name is in, and parse out the correct values. I'd like to then fire off a command-line utility to update that MP3 file.)

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ID3 Mass Tagger:


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Thank You! This is exactly what I wanted. I have searched and searched Google but only found big, oversized apps with GUIs. –  Kip Sep 19 '08 at 14:56

Perhaps Tag matches your needs

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I believe mp3tag has command line options which can do this.

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