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How can I recover a password for an Outlook 2007 account?

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If this is an email related account then you'll need to work with your email provider/host to perform a password reset for your account. Most providers will provide this functionality to you through their hosting control panel. Then you go into your account settings in Outlook and update the settings with your new account.

Outlook doesn't have accounts, per se. It uses the account information from whatever service providers you are using in order to log into those services.

If you are talking about a password that you've set on an archive file / personal folders file (ie- .pst file) then this will be a bit harder. That password is set by you. You'll have to get one of the many tools available that will recover Outlook 2007 passwords.

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If the account still configured and working, you can use some "revealing password software" (like to show the password typed in back of the bullets\stars

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