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Are there any Mac apps that will enhance my multiple monitor experience? Something like Ultramon for the Mac?

I'd like to extend the application bar and dock across both monitors, and easily transfer windows from one screen to the other.

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Is this question targeted exclusively at Mac users who also have Windows and use Ultramon? If not, then why not explain what functionality you want? – Matt G May 19 '09 at 19:26

SizeUp and MercuryMover allow you to move and resize windows using the keyboard.

SizeUp is focused on tiling windows. There are shortcuts for resizing windows to the various half- and quarter- screen sizes and positions. It also shortcuts to move windows to the "next" and "previous" displays.

MercuryMover is extremely flexible, it's intended to allow you to do all sorts of moving and resizing using the keyboard. It has presets, like SizeUp, but they user-configurable -- and there is a heads up display for letting you do custom actions.

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I'm not aware of anything like Ultramon for the Mac. However, here are two products I've used on Mac OS X to improve my multiple monitor setup:

ScreenRecycler lets you use an old Windows laptop as an external monitor for OS X. It works using VNC so it's a little slow.

Gefen USB DVI Adapter lets you connect a 2nd display to a Mac via USB. I use it with a MacBook Pro so that I have 2 external displays in addition to the MacBook's display. It works great.

I haven't tried this, but it was just announced this week: OWC USB to DVI adapter.

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SizeUp adds shortcuts for moving windows between monitors.

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If they're on different physical computers, I'd make use of Synergy, which is a cross-platform KVM solution. (without the "V")

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Nah, man, this is one Mac with 2 monitors – Mike Sickler Apr 30 '09 at 17:49

I'd use SizeUp as others have mentioned to move windows between monitors.

As far as the "application bar" I assume you mean the menu bar. While you can't get a menu bar on both monitors the application DejaMenu will pop up a menu bar as a contextual menu with a keyboard shortcut that you assign to it. You could also trigger DejaMenu by clicking or hovering in a screen corner with CornerClick or via a right click with FinderPop. To use CornerClick or FinderPop you will want this little app to trigger DejaMenu.

SizeUp is $13, and all others I've mentioned are free / donationware.

There are quite a few applications to modify the dock, but none that I know of that let you have two docks. Take a look at and perhaps you'll find something.

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