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Does anybody have the step by step configuration process that would allow VirtualBox running a Linux/Ubuntu guest on a Mac OS X host use the bridge type network using Ethernet and wireless? I have read that it does work and it doesn't work, trying to find a definite answer. I want the guest environment to look like a separate box.


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I have a bridge network working on OSX with a Ubuntu guest VM. You need a network connection for this to work. I have my nic configured via DHCP in OSX and then I statically assigned the guest eth0 an IP on the same subnet.

With this set up I could SSH to my Ubuntu guest; with entries in /etc/hosts on OSX I was able to access internal domains I'd set up in apache on the Ubuntu guest.

I simply installed Ubuntu, in the VM settings, set the adapter to a bridge connection. Boot Ubuntu and be sure to configure /etc/network/interfaces

Mine looks like this:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

OSX would pick up an IP address on the same subnet (e.g., I could see the guest from the host just fine.


Hope this helps.

I'm struggling to get host-only networking set up so I can communicate with the guest VM without an active internet connection.

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