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I'm looking for a (preferably free) hebrew font that the letter ח ("Chet"/"Ches") is shaped like the upper half of the letter "s" and is not a script font. The letter ל (lamed) should be shaped like a printed one, not have a loop on the bottom.

EDIT: The answer has been auto-selected by SU and is incorrect. Still looking...

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There's a great list on this site (TrueType fonts), most of them are free.

Otherwise, you have this free project, but only for Linux distributions.

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Still incorrect. can the second link be ported to windows? – Moshe Feb 19 '10 at 1:59
The fonts from Culmus are Postscript Type 1 fonts. MS Windows (from Win2000 onwards) supports Type 1 fonts, so you should be able to install the font files . You may need to convert from .pfa to .pfb first; use a font converter for this. should work, for example. – sleske Mar 8 '10 at 21:54

I'm no expert on the language, but oketz looks like it has a few that may suit your needs, all freely available.

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I use this for my work with researching in other languages with hebrew content: - it is also free and has all characters that are needed.

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Thanks, but I'm looking for a particular style of the font. I've seen that site before. – Moshe Feb 21 '10 at 4:05

Moshe - I'm not sure if the characters form the way you want to, but here is huge list of fonts that might help!

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