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I've got some documents in DjVu which I'll like convert to PDF. Is there a way to do this using command line OSS tools?

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djvu2pdf should fit the bill, it's a small script that makes use of the djvulibre toolset. If not, there are other methods that require multiple command-line tools.

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What's a pity that, currently there is not djvu2pdf tool in Arch repo and old ver in Arch User repo – Grzegorz Wierzowiecki Nov 2 '11 at 17:42
Installing djvulibre-bin using apt-get and then installing the deb file in that link did the trick. – thameera Apr 21 '14 at 10:27
On mac you djvu2pdf is available via MacPorts. – Ioannis Filippidis Jul 2 '14 at 7:59

What about simply using DJView and export as PDF?

  1. Goto Synaptic Package Manager (System - Administration - Synaptic Package Manager)
  2. Install DJview4
  3. Run DJview (Applications - Graphics - DJView4)
  4. Open your .djvu document
  5. Menu - Export As: PDF

Look at

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This is the better and easier solution, thanks! – woohoo Mar 4 '12 at 2:56

The ddjvu program, (which is part of the standard djvulibre package), will do this:

$ ddjvu -format=pdf -quality=85 -verbose a.djvu a.pdf

Warning: this produces large files (but PDF files made by Christoph Sieghart's script are of the same size.)

I also wrote the following small bash script some years ago. It does the same automatically. (Save this as


# convert DjVu -> PDF
# usage:  <file.djvu>

echo "------------ converting $i to PDF ----------------";
o="`basename $i .djvu`"
echo "[ writing output to $o ] "

cmd="ddjvu -format=pdf -quality=85 -verbose $i $o "

The djvu2pdf script by Christoph Sieghart does essentially the same

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If you don't care about colors and images you can get much smaller files if you drop the colors and use instead:

ddjvu -format=pdf -mode=black input.djvu output.pdf

Texts, codes and formulas looks perfectly, but most of the images are gone

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I've changed the @Maxim script a little ...

# convert DjVu -> PDF
# usage: [-q quality | -b] <infile.djvu> [outfile.pdf]


aparse() {
  while [ $# != 0 ] ; do
    case "$1" in
aparse "$@"

o=${2:-$(basename $i .djvu).pdf}
if [ -f  "$o" ]; then 
  echo "file $o exists, override [Y/n]?"
  read ans
  case "$ans" in 
   n|N) exit 1;;
echo "[ converting $i to $o ] "

cmd="ddjvu -format=pdf -quality=$quality -mode=$mode -verbose $i $o "

echo "[ executing $cmd ] "
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