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I have a Toshiba laptop with wi-fi connected internet. Now I wanna connect my phone to my laptop and use its Internet connection ( I can't buy new wi-fi or 3g supported mobile phone ). I have no problem connecting k610 to my laptop, and even shared my GPRS internet connection with my PC. but can't do contrary.

How can I connect my k610 mobile (which not support wi-fi connections) to Internet via my Toshiba laptop ( with bluetooth ) ?

P.S: My PC OS is Ubuntu Linux 9.10

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You cannot. Cellphones like that don't know how to use bluetooth PAN (private area network; ethernet encapsulation) or DUN (dial-up networking; point-to-point connections over AT modem emulation) services. They can only provide them (DUN in your case).

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but I have an bluetooth internet option and setting in my cellphone ... I just don't know how to use it – Michel Gokan Jan 26 '10 at 14:59
That option is not for using Internet connection, it is for providing it. – whitequark Jan 26 '10 at 15:59

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