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Am having a dell c60 laptop as a old scrap. Recently i made it serviced and now its working. But the problem is that three keys are misprinting when typed them. eg:when i type the key k it prints as "ghyi+" . What would be the problem might be???

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Maybe the solution is just as simple as Cleaning the Laptop Keyboard.

To rule out software issues, connect an external keyboard, if that works fine, then it's most likely a hardware problem that can solved with a bit of cleaning or a keyboard replacement.

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Although that being my first thought as well ... "ghy" okey, but "i" and "+" are not so close any more ... – Rook Jan 26 '10 at 17:33
@ldigas: I've seen a keyboard type "qwer mesd+du=querio!" when the 2 key was pressed. The circuits were a little damaged and the keyboard was scrapped. – Broam Jan 26 '10 at 17:46

If Molly's answer doesn't work, the keyboard has a cut trace or corrosion, or the keyboard logic controller is damaged. Beyond cleaning your only option is a replacement keyboard.

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