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Is it possible to assign the 4 or 9 spaces to some key combinations? Also that they do not interfere with another combinations?

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You know that you can assign any combination of modifier keys plus number (to go to) or arrow (to move) keys to switch spaces?

Through System Preferences -> Expose & Spaces, keyboard shortcuts are at the bottom. By default you can only select one modifier, but if you hold down one or two modifiers when opening the drop-down list, it'll let you set it as a combination.

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i mean, how to use applescript to tell "open application XXX in space nu,ber YYY" – asdf Jan 31 '10 at 21:28
Ah - I see. No idea on that one, I'm afraid... – Hugh Feb 1 '10 at 0:03

There is a similar thing on stack overflow... may not be exactly what you want but it uses applescript to open apps in the applications folder to a particular space.

It's rather programming technical so I can't help you much from here. :) See here

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Maybe you are looking for Spacey, a free app I developed which gives you keyboard commands to move windows between Spaces?

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