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Can anyone tell me a really good file recoverer for the Mac platform?

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"Plantaform"... just brilliant! Thanks! :) –  Oliver Giesen Jul 21 '09 at 14:17

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How about Mac File Recovery?

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Any tools I know only recover the file contents, but not the name, nor the path where it originally resided.

(So: be prepared rather than having to rely on those tools. Really, Time Machine can be a lifesaver.)

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Data Rescue II

You can try the free version to see what it can recover and pay for the actual recovery.

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I had accidentally formatted one of my Nikon's SD cards with several AVI (video) files on it. I tried CardRaider, and all it would recover were the NEF raw files. It could see the AVIs, but it would not recover them. I then went to Disk Drill Pro and it was able to also recover the video files. Highly recommended Disk Drill.

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