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Marco Polo is an Apple solution which "knows" where you are and configures your networking, printers, shares, proxies etc... Basically anything that can change when you change location.

Windows 7 has basic support for printers - but is there anything that can provide the same experience as Marco Polo?

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I've also been looking for this kind of program.

The best I've found is Jarvis. It is still in early stages of development but looks hopeful.

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You'll find other alternatives here: http://alternativeto.net/software/netprofiles/?platform=windows

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Jarvis sounds interesting, but it looks like its development has stopped. Also, it crashes systematically when I try to add a learner, so not very usable for me.

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Some of the software bundled with the wireless card/laptop can do this. Dell QuickSet has the ablility to set default printers, change network config, etc when it detect a change to the network connection. You can also have it run a program you designate, so you can script any other changes necessary, or launch a VPN client if you are not on the corp network.

I had a batch file for each envirnment that connected the appropriate shares for home/work/other, and also swapped out the hosts files to allow me to point outbound mail at an alias that would resolve to the correct SMTP server for whatever network I was on.

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