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this is html page

if i do select all ,copy on this page then paste this code into notepad i need same formatting. i want same formatting in plain text format.

is there any quick way to do this?

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i think there are programs to convert HTML to TXT but I don't recall which / haven't tried them – barlop May 20 '11 at 11:08

Copy the HTML from your browser and paste it into Notepad. It will tab-delimited so the columns won't always appear lined up but you can use a more feature-rich text editor such as SciTE or NotePad++ to adjust the tab widths and (optionally) convert the tabs to spaces.

Alternatively, you could use a text-based browser like Lynx and avoid the tab issue.

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or use a WYSIWYG Html editor such as Sharepoint designer,Kompozer or Frontpage.

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