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Since I have a large widescreen, I'm splitting its area into rectangles (Using winsplit revolution), and thought it might be nice to run a screensaver in one of the smaller unused areas.

Is there a tool or a way to run a screen saver in a window?

Perhaps the preview mode can be used for that somehow?

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You can run the screensaver with the /p switch, see here for more details.

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One option (a huge overkill) might be to run another windows XP in a virtualBox window and make the screensaver run there.

It will probably have problems with 3D screensavers, but it might work.

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  • Run MyDefrag and resize it to the size you want it
  • Turn on Picasa with some form of Slideshow (this could be any other picture program as well)
  • Have Windows Media Player running on full-screen with some splash screen
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