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Booting will start only after 5-10 minutes.

If we go for BIOS, it will also take that much time.

At that time monitor showing intel pentium 4 logo.

My Mother board is intel 845 GlAD and Processor is INTEL P4

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Do you have USB devices connected to the computer? Try disconnecting them.

I had the same kind of issues when my Palm TX was connected when the computer was rebooted.

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I had that same problem when the power supply was going out. The computer would take longer and longer to start from when I pressed the power button. After replacing the power supply the computer would start immediately after pressing the power button.

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The answer from Snark reminded me of an answer to a similar question, which I thought I had 'favorited' but didn't.

I recall that one of the answers suggested the problem was Legacy USB support in the BIOS, and that it could be turned off.

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