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How ca I view the GUID associated with an Active Directory user under windows 7?

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PsGetSid may do it.

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This is easy to do using Active Directory Users and Computers.

Click View > Advanced Features

Drill down to the user you want to know about and open the Properties.

Click the Attribute Editor tab

Scroll down to the "ObjectSID" attribute.


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Connection -> Bind -> OK

Browse -> Search

Base DN : (this varies per environment)

Fitler: (samAccountName=yourAccountName)

Scope: Subtree (this does nested search)

Attributes : add "objectGUID"


That should do it.

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In PowerShell type the following commands:

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties SID | where {$_.sid -eq 'number here'}

Get-ADComputer -Filter * -Properties SID | where {$_.sid -eq 'number here'}
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I would use the ADSI Edit snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console. See Using ADSI Edit on WIN-7.

The GUID is in an Active Directory attribute called objectguid.

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