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I have a folder that contains a lot of subfolders which include photos and/or videos. Is there any free application that would display them in a random slideshow? It's something I want to run on a PC mounted on a wall. I point it to that folder and it starts displaying it, with some random/nice transitions. No need for anything more fancy, except maybe Previous/Next controls.

Edit: Just a quick clarification. Those pictures change all the time, and there are many of them. It's supposed to be in a store to display product pictures, so it's not like someone is actively watching the whole show. Currently, there are around 150,000 pictures or videos.

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Windows Media Player, besides playing videos and music, also play pictures. Simply drag the folder to WMP to make a Now Playing list then press Play and set it to Full Screen. You can also enable Shuffle. Transitions wise there is only a fade effect. (I don't think I'm alone in saying I've always found any motion or random disintegration effects etc highly irritating)

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Does indeed handle subfolders. Nice idea. – Nathaniel Jan 28 '10 at 5:45
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Went with Windows Photo Gallery in the end. Needs some manual updating, but works otherwise.

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Have you tried PPT?it can display the picture and videos as a slide.

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I found ScreenPaver. I decided to use BitTorrent Synch on my NAS where I drop in new images and it Synchs up with my new Photo Frame PC.

Pretty awesome software and quiet surprised there are not more available. I posted this here because I found this question before finding the the software. I hope it can help somebody.

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