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Is there an easy way to make it so the Google Chrome icon on the desktop cannot be deleted? I want it to appear just like Internet Explorer does by default.

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You can copy the shortcut onto the 'All Users' desktop, this will prevent deletion from non-admin accounts.

If you want to remove the arrows from shortcuts, open the registry editor and navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Scroll on down to Pifile. In the right pane, rename ISSHORTCUT to read SHORTCUT.


I just tried the method from your link in XP and it works just fine.

Copy the following code and paste it into a Notepad:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="Google Chrome"
@="C:\\Documents and Settings\\USER\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe,0"
@="C:\\Documents and Settings\\USER\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe"

note: replace USER with your account name! (Windows 7 requires additional changes to the path, just find chrome.exe, remember: double backslash!)

save the file as REG file, e.g. chromestaticicon.reg and import it, press F5 to refresh the desktop.

enter image description here

Warning: always backup your registry before making changes!

However, this is not safe from deletion, anyone with access to the registry can nuke the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{0011C78C-4B81-41d2-80F5-3D992DD9ACC7} and the Icon is gone again. :)

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Ah, this is very helpful but I'd like it to be integrated with the OS - something like this: – Kirk Ouimet Jan 28 '10 at 20:19
@kirkouimet - updated my post accordingly, now i'm off to overwrite the VBox image to throughly get rid of this browser! :D – Molly7244 Jan 28 '10 at 21:51
I love you Molly. Thanks so much! – Kirk Ouimet Jan 28 '10 at 22:17
@kirkouimet - you're more than welcome. usually i'm dealing with adverse problem: how to get rid of such icons (HP used to create such desktop icons for some of their printer software :) – Molly7244 Jan 29 '10 at 3:24

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