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I have to export data to excel file,with/without excel installed in pc

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Can it be exported as CVS file?You can convert it to excel file later. – John Jan 29 '10 at 8:01
how to export in cvs file – meenakshi Jan 29 '10 at 8:44
i think he means CSV (comma seperated values) :) – JT.WK Jan 29 '10 at 9:29
CSV is an option ONLY if he's not considering anything like formulae or charts. If you're willing to switch languages, I recommend the XLWT package for python – dassouki Jan 29 '10 at 9:41

Have a look at this. MyXLS

MyXLS is a .NET 2.0 library that writes and reads native Excel files quickly and easily, including formatting, multiple sheets, and metadata (the items in the File/Prepare/Properties or File/Properties menu in Excel). Its primary use is generation of Excel files for ASP.NET sites or .NET applications. It writes files compatible with Excelversions 97 and up, and will read files generated by Excel 97-XP/2003 (and 2007 in Compatibility Mode).

The main advantages over using Excel directly via automation is MyXls doesn't require Excel on the server (or client), it is more reliable regarding system resources, and does not require any special licensing.

It's written in c# but you can just download the source, build it, and then use the dll in your vb project.

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An alternative: NPOI on Codeplex

This project is the .NET version of POI Java project at "". POI is an open source project which can help you read/write xls, doc, ppt files. It has a wide application. For example, you can use it to generate a Excel report without Microsoft Office suite installed on your server and more efficient than call Microsoft Excel ActiveX at background; you can also use it to extract text from Office documents to help you implement full-text indexing feature

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MYXLS has this "MyXls.SL2.SortedListEnumerator(Of ",how to use this with for data from export dataset to excel file

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