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I am trying to open port 8085 for a server and nothing seems to work.

I called my ISP and they said they do not block ports (except 25) I removed my router and am plugged directly into the modem I disabled my firewall

And yet, still tells me "Connection refused" or "Connection timed out" when I check it.

What else could be blocking this port?

I'm running Windows Vista over a cable internet connection.

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First you need to unblock the port in the Windows Firewall (If you are running it).

Follow the guide here

Then you need to forward the port from your router to your machine, take a look here.

Please try both of these as it sounds to me like it is being blocked at one of these two stages.

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This may sound a bit silly you have an application running and LISTENING on that port? I don't think works if there's no app listening on a particular port.

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  • Is this a TCP or UDP port?
  • Have restarted the service or server running after disabling the Windows Firewall and/or any other software firewalls?
  • Can you access it locally, i.e. telnet localhost 8085 assuming TCP
  • Can you locally access it using the non-localhost, private (RFC 1918) IP address, e.g. telnet 8085 -- this IP address is the one normally available via ipconfig.
  • Can you locally access it using your public IP address, e.g. telnet 8085?

NetCat can be a useful tool.

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