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I have about 8gb of e-mail from about 10 years. I have my structure organized into a lot of folders. I am on 10.6.2, 8gb RAM and a SSD drive.

I am on OS X and using Apple Mail. It works ok. Generally not as fast as I would like.

I have used Entourage in the past and is just slow and bloated. I have had a lot of database issues.

I have used Evolution on Linux before and been happy.

I have tried Sylpheed and I dont recall why I did not like it.

Thunderbird has always been slow and quirky for me.

Eudora is dead. (except crappy sponsored mode)

What are options for fast e-mail clients that have advanced filtering and can deal with a large amount of e-mail?

Anything MySQL driven?

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So, 10 years of email, then you might care about easy backup and easy restore. If you want a Time-Machine-aware mail client, then is your one and only friend. – Arjan Jan 30 '10 at 20:09

You could try Postbox

I've only given it a quick go, but it looks promising.

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$40, that's more then Snow Leopard! Though I haven't looked at it at all, nice find. – Josh K Jan 29 '10 at 22:14

You should give a try to new Thunderbird 3. I've been using it since launch and really happy about performance and UI.

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I found Mail to be the best compromise. I had previously used Thunderbird but was dissatisfied with the speed and reliability of it. Other then using a web based client (Gmail being a great one) there isn't a whole lot of options for Apple based email clients.

A couple of other clients for you to consider:

  1. Mulberry (old)
  2. Mailsmith
  3. GNUMail

All of them are pretty old and I doubt they will offer you anything Mail doesn't.

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There’s such a paucity of decent options, some Mac developers are attempting an open-source project to make an e-mail app called Letters.

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