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I have 2 languages installed on my computer, both with a single input method.

I have 2 keyboards: CES-CSQ and ENG-US.

enter image description here

However lately (maybe after the last Win10 update) I started to see 2 additional keyboards in my systray - namely CES-CS and ENG-CSQ.

enter image description here

Is there there a way to remove those 2 input options (CES-CS, ENG-CSQ) which I do not see in the Control panel's Language options?

Solution described at How to delete a keyboard in Windows 10 question does not apply to my problem because I do not see input options that I want remove in Control panel's Language options.

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Possible duplicate of How to delete a keyboard in Windows 10 – DavidPostill Jan 12 at 8:57
@DavidPostill: I do not think it is a duplicate - please see the explanation I added at the end of my post. – Jan Palas Jan 12 at 9:14
OK. Dupe VTC removed. – DavidPostill Jan 12 at 9:16

I've duplicated your issue, it's quite simple to fix (Ignore my ENG keyboard layout):

enter image description here

Click Language Preferences

enter image description here

Click United States - then Options

This keyboard (Czech - QWERTY) is your ENG - CSQ, remove it.

enter image description here

Go back, go to options for Čeština

enter image description here

Remove Czech - QWERTZ -> This is CES - CS

enter image description here

This should now be back as you wanted. The languages are the parent of the keyboards, you can specify different keyboard layouts per language.

enter image description here

Edit: It seems that if these keyboards don't exist in these pages, adding them and then removing them resolves the issue.

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Thank you, however the problem is that I do not see Czech - QWERTY under United States (and CZECH - QWERTZ under Čeština), thus I cannot remove them. But your post lead to the solution of my problem - firstly I added those 2 keyboards and then I removed them. And everything is as it should be now - I have only 2 keyboards. – Jan Palas Jan 12 at 9:34
@JanPalas Very strange, but glad you found a solution. – Jonno Jan 12 at 9:37
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(Credits to Jonno whose answer led me to the solution)

Go to systray and open Language preferences. Click Options for each language that has an extra kayboard that you want to remove.

In Keyboards section click Add a keyboard and select a keyboard that appears in your systray and which you want to remove. This adds a new input option for the selected language. After you add the keyboard, click it and click on a Remove button. After that, the keyboard should disappear also from systray.

(Note that I did not see a keyboard which I want remove in Keyboards section thus I had to add it first to be able to remove it afterwards.)

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Most of the people likes to delete the default keyboard of the operating system and they cannot find it in the control panel. The secrete is to change the "Current language for non-Unicode programs". Check the Administrative tab of the Region in the control panel.

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