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I'm trying to connect my girlfriend's MSI netbook to the wireless network in my house, and failing repeatedly. It's not a hardware issue, b/c it connects to other networks successfully, and, it's not a network issue, because I have another mac and linux laptops that have no problem detecting and connecting to the same network.

When I open windows' network connections box, I can see the network available, and when I try to connect to it (using a password), I get a "network no longer in range.." error (the router is 2 ft away). This has been the case for the past 6 months, and I'm about to give up. I've reset the router, erased all saved network preferences and pretty much all I could think of short of re-installing XP. Any idea what else could be done? thanks.

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Have you tried installing the newest driver for the wireless card? You should identify the card, (instructions here…), then do a google search for a new driver under windows. If it is an oldish bug, they may have corrected it in the meantime – MariusMatutiae Oct 18 '13 at 6:44

I had what may be the same problem with an hp laptop. compared settings to a working laptop and discoverwed psk2 was enabled on the working side (router and laptop) MS had a download to add that to machines that didn't have it. Worked for me after a reboot

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Some network cards have difficulty with the router wpa/wpa2 setting. Set the encryption to WPA and try connecting again. Also make sure the network name is removed from remembered networks.

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