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I got my first Macbook Pro with a DVD for Mac OS X, do i need to install it if I want to use xcode? what operating system is currently running on my mac? What is the difference between them ?

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If you can't work out what operating system you're running, Xcode probably isn't for you. – MJeffryes Jan 30 '10 at 19:23
wow that is a very helpful comment . – Eran Jan 30 '10 at 20:47
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There should be Mac OS X installed on your MacBook and you don't have to install it on your own.

XCode is on the Installation DVD.

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How to install XCode on Mac OS X. You computer has Mac OS X is installed. Here are the differences in the versions. Xcode is only an IDE (intergrated development environment.) Are you sure you need to use xcode?

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What operating system is currently running on my mac?

Is this a joke or you really don't know? Haven't the guy at the shop told you anything about the computer you've bought? If he didn't, just check the MacBook Pro specification on the Apple website which says:


  • Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard (includes iTunes, Time Machine, Quick Look, Spaces, Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat, Safari, Address Book, QuickTime, iCal, DVD Player, Photo Booth, Front Row, Xcode Developer Tools)

So, you have Mac OS X installed on your computer.

Here you can find basic overview about developer tools you've got included. Alternatively, you can also download XCode 3

Finally, read the Xcode Installation Guide

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