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I need to cut audio files into small samples of even length. What I need is basically a batch processor for audio that does it and names the slices numerically. I'm using OSX and have found Audio Splitter. The shortest possible sample length with it is 1 second though, too long for my purpose. Anyone know an alternative?

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An excellent sound converter SoX (also named 'the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation') works on OS X, so I hope this script will help you:



for i in `jot ${COUNT}`; do
    echo "Trimming ${START}+${LENGTH}"
    sox ${INPUT} `echo ${OUTPUT} | sed s/X/${N}/` trim ${START}s ${LENGTH}s
    N=`expr ${N} + 1`
    START=`expr ${START} + ${LENGTH}`

All lengths are in samples (you can also specify time in 'HH:MM:SS.ddd' format, check SoX manpage); it reads INPUT file and produces files named output-0.wav, output-1.wav and so on.

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okay this sounds great, exactly what i need. i've installed SoX, however when i execute run the script i get "line 15: seq: command not found" (i'm a complete command line noob) – Jakob Jan 31 '10 at 3:20
nvm, it works now. thanks a lot! – Jakob Jan 31 '10 at 3:55
"seq" is GNU. For OSX or BSD you want "jot". e.g. for i in `jot ${COUNT}`; do – Richard Hoskins Jan 31 '10 at 4:49
Fixed the script. – whitequark Jan 31 '10 at 15:12

Here is my solution.



LENGTH=0.05 # length in ms (to use samples you should add s suffix to commandline trim Xs Ys and s flag for soxi)

while [ $(echo "$START < $TOTAL_LENGTH"|bc) -eq 1 ]; do
    echo "Trimming from ${START} of ${TOTAL_LENGTH}"
    sox ${INPUT} `echo ${OUTPUT} | sed s/X/${N}/` trim ${START} ${LENGTH}
    START=`echo "$START + $LENGTH"|bc`

The difference is:

  • Script works with ms rather than with samples
  • The amount of output files is automatically detected by INPUT length
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