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Ctrl is not working in virtual box. When I use Ctrl+a/u/l/w etc., in Virtual Box Guests its acts as only a/u/l/w. any ideas regarding this.

my Virtual Box Version is 3.1.2 running under Ubuntu 9.10. i faced the same thing for windows, Redhat, ubuntu guests.

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The issue relates to the System Setting >> Mouse and Touchpad >> "Show position of pointer when the Control key is pressed" option.

Simply disable this feature and the left Ctrl key will be available within all your VMs.

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OMG! Real genius spotted. Thank a lot man :D –  Ravi Dhoriya ツ Nov 19 '14 at 10:30

By default, VirtualBox reserves the right control key as the "Host" key. You can still use the left Ctrl key on every machine I've ever used. If you'd prefer to make something else the Host key (e.g. the almost-never-used Scroll Lock key), in the VB window click File >> Preferences >> Input and choose a different key.

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