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I created an Ubuntu VM VMWare Workstation on my Win7 machine and was able to install several packages and download Eclipse without issue. However, now I am attempting a repo sync for the android source code and a download from firefox of Motodev Studio without any success. The downloads for each begin fine but reach a point where they hang. It does not hang in the same spot every time, but it happens within a few minutes each time. Anyone see anything like this before? Ironically, I previously had no problems with these same operations a few days ago on VMWare player for an Ubuntu VM image I picked up from I have a wired connection and am not losing connectivity.

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Try running a "ping" for several minutes, then hitting ^C and looking at the percentage of packet loss. That will tell you if there is a packet-dropping problem, but will not go very far in fixing it...

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Not losing any packets: 874 transmitted, 874 received – RickNotFred Jan 31 '10 at 15:41
OK, it must only be when the network is congested. You may be able to reduce the timeout on connections, which will hopefully un-hang it after the timeout value specified. I would also recommend setting the retry to about 3 or 5, if possible. However, bear in mind that the sync tool might not even have these options, or they may be buried. – marcusw Jan 31 '10 at 16:18
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Problem was resolved by changing the Network Adapter setting from NAT to Bridged.

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