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Possible Duplicate:
A synergy alternative that just works?

I'm a quite a happy Synergy+ user. I share my keyboard and mouse between three machines, two Windows and one OS X. However, I've recently upgraded my Synergy server to Windows 7. So now I have an XP client and an OS X 10.5 client. Synergy has some weird behavior on Windows 7 such as losing the ability to click in VMWare Workstation VMs, or being able to highlight text in the Google Chrome address bar amongst others. My current work around is to quit Synergy when I need to work in my VMs or in Chrome but this is getting more and more frustrating. So I'm looking for an alternative. Free/Open source preferred but I'm not opposed to paying if the software works. It obviously needs to run on Windows 7 and XP as well as OS X 10.5. I have found many products that work just with Windows, but I need the OS X client.

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I was able to get Synergy to work, across Windows 7 -> Windows XP -> OS X Did you check your Windows 7 network security settings? They are a bit different.

You can also try installing Hamachi VPN on all machines, and set Synergy up using the private IP's given out by Hamachi. It may be an extra step to do something you were able to do easily before, but it should work.

As for the Virtual machine issue, there may be a way to change the Ctrl-Alt option to take control of mouse/keyboard away from the Virtual machine, which doesn't interfere with Synergy.


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The application works perfectly aside from the little niggly issues. They are documented on the synergy+ bugtracker. (Issues 10, 278 and 74) But they have been open for months and seem to need a full rewrite of the synergy core to fix. Thanks for the thoughts though! – Michael Jefferys Jan 31 '10 at 16:43

I would recommended Input Director very highly, except it just supports Windows. Good luck!

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