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I have a small php system i created for myself. This system contains a few .doc and .docx file documents. I want to be able to open them directly from the browser and not downloading them.

I created a link: myfile But FireFox does not open the link. While href="http://localhost/myfile.docx" works fine - it offers me to download the file.

Any ideas how can i do it? Maybe change something in firfox options / security settings? And if you are at it, is there any chance to do it in IE8?


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Both Firefox and IE8 support the File URI scheme.

Here are some examples valid for Windows systems, referring to the same file c:\WINDOWS\clock.avi


While the last is the most obvious and human-readable, the first one is the most complete and correct one.

Apparently (from the same url):

Mozilla browsers refuse to follow file URLs on a page that it has fetched with the HTTP protocol.


Mozilla browsers can be configured to override this security restriction as detailed in Mozillazine's "Links to Local Pages Don't Work".

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Thanks a lot! Although the file:/// URI schema did not worked in IE8 and Firefox, i used the extension in the link you gave and it solved the problem. –  Aviv Feb 1 '10 at 13:59

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