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My setup:

  • LinkSys 310n (dd-wrt)
  • several G devices (iphone, xbox, etc)
  • some N devices (mbp, mac mini, etc)

I'd like to add a dedicated N (or g - lock the 310n to g) channel to the network. Any thoughts? Is buying a second cheap G router the best option (setting up a wired bridge with dd-wrt), get an N bridge (if so, any recommendations?)

The only reason I actually care about N at all is getting some speed to my mac mini (HTPC). I really don't want/need a new router (unless there's not a good option that costs less than a 610n).

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You could get a G access point and put it on the same range the N is on. Then restrict your current router's wireless to only allow N clients. You can get used AP's on ebay dirt cheap.

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Yah, I get that. I'd like to not setup a new subnet though. dd-wrt on both sides with a cabled bridge would work, just looking for something that's less work. – skarface Feb 1 '10 at 4:44

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