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After I installed emacs this error occurs every time on startup. It prevents me from installing plugins, e.g. auctex via aptitude. I already tried to install a plugin by hand (rails for ruby), but doesn't work.

The error doesn't contain the message "hostname", but the hostname of my PC is displayed ("bloodredangel-ubuntu"). I changed my hostname to "bloodredangel", but the error message stays the same. While I changed my hostname I saw that in /etc/hostname were two entries:

I already asked this question in an ubuntu forum but they couldn't help. They recognised an misconfigured /etc/hosts file, which I corrected, but from time to time these incorrect configurations get attached by something. I didn't add them by hand, maybe it has something to do with the issue. The misconfigurations looked like this:   
bloodredangel-ubuntu  localhost.localdomain  localhost   
bloodredangel-ubuntu  localhost.localdomain  localhost

I didn't found a solution on the internet, so I hope I will find help here finally.

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you can try running emacs with the --debug-init option, which will hopefully give you a more meaningful stack trace – user84207 Mar 18 at 6:18

Try adding (setq hostname "bloodredangel") (or whatever other hostname you want to set it as) to the beginning of your .emacs file.

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"Solved" it by reinstalling Ubuntu. Was less work than expected. (Backupped the home folder, so reinstalling took approximately 4h with making an backup and playing it back.)

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