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I'm running Windows Vista and in my Music folder, the following items appear:

  • Song Name
  • Artist
  • Album
  • # (song # on Album)
  • Genre
  • Rating

I know how to remove the Rating column and substitute it with the Bit rate column. However the change only appears in the folder I changed it in.

How do I do this so this so that the Rating column is always displyed when I'm in my Music folder?

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Customize your music folder the way you like it. Then go to Organize, Folder and search options, View, Use for all folders. This should apply the current setting for all folders of the same type (all music folders).

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Click on Organize > Layout > Menu Bar Now, click on View, then Choose Details

This should let you customize the columns as you see fit now. It shouldn't go away after you set it, but I haven't found any setting that will propagate the change to subfolders. You might have to do them manually.

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