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I've got a Lenovo T400 running Windows 7 and I've got this bad habit of expecting the bottom left button to be CTRL instead of FN. Is there a way I can force or remap the Fn+Sleep/Hibernate to bring of a small confirm screen before it waste unnecessary minutes of my life.

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Simply set your power button to either Sleep or Hibernate:

alt text

You can then use AutoHotKey to script any combination to turn your computer into Sleep/Hibernate

alt text

To see how just have a look at this article (and the comments!)

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I always do the same when switching laptops however, there is no way round this.

Typically Ctrl is simply a key that gets passed to the Operating system (so can be remapped), Where as Fn/Function is something that is just on the laptop which provides certain features and the OS never even knows you press it, so it is impossible to remap.

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