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My boss got a new HTC something from Verizon.

He wants to sync his Outlook contacts with the handset. He doesn't need to do it that often, maybe once every month or so but everything I see is for syncing Google contacts.

Any ideas?

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Hello, you might consider accepting some answers as correct. You've asked 27 questions and only accepted answers for 29 percent. Accepting answers is a way to say thank you to people answering. Not accepting answers is considered rude and wil decreas chances of getting an answer. – BloodPhilia Jun 18 '10 at 14:48

HTC Android phones can store contact entries as phone entries or Google entries. HTC Sync syncs Outlook contacts with phone entries on your phone. These appear when you open People and phone is checked under menu->view. Unfortunately, phone entries never sync with Gmail. HTC Sync is fine for people who don't want to maintain Google contacts. What's needed is a contact sync feature along the lines of Google Calendar Sync.

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Use HTC Sync, this will sync his calendar and contacts both ways.

Here's how:

Setting Up Synchronization

You can set up HTC Sync to synchronize your computer's Outlook contacts and calendar events with your phone. If you're using Outlook Express on your computer, you can only sync contacts with your phone.

Before you begin setting up synchronization, make sure you have set up HTC Sync to recognize your phone. If you have not yet done so, follow the steps in this topic: Setting Up HTC Sync to Recognize Your Phone.

alt text

HTC Sync's guided wizard lets you easily set up synchronization in just a few steps.

On your computer, check and make sure that the HTC Sync icon at the bottom-right side of the screen appears in green which means that your phone is connected and HTC Sync recognizes your phone.

  • If HTC Sync is not open, double-click the HTC Sync icon to open it.
  • If you have just installed (or reinstalled) HTC Sync, click Synchronize Now to start setting up synchronization. (You can also click Sync Manager > Settings.)
  • You will then see the Synchronization Settings Wizard dialog box. Click Next.
  • Choose whether to sync your computer's Outlook or Outlook Express with your phone, and then click Next.

alt text

  • Select the type of information you want to sync (Contacts and/or Calendar), and then click Next.

alt text

  • Choose whether to sync manually or automatically with your phone, and then click Next.

alt text

Important: If you select I want to sync automatically each time I connect to my mobile phone, make sure you also select the USB debugging option on your phone so that your phone and computer will automatically sync whenever you connect them. On your phone, press HOME > MENU, tap Settings

Applications > Development, and then select the USB debugging check box.

  • On the subsequent screen, view the choices you have made, and then click Finish to confirm your choices. (If you want to change something, you can click Back until you get to the dialog box where you want to make changes.)

alt text

HTC Sync then starts to sync your phone and your computer. Wait for the synchronization to finish.

alt text

  • A summary report is then displayed. Click Close.
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there is a free software app called Google Calendar Sync Download it and set it up to sync with your bosses Outlook profile and his Google account You can set it so both of them sync, or desktop over writes google, or google over writes desktop

Then your phone syncs with google account and all is in synch :)


Sorry I just realized you want contacts as well In that case there is software called MailShadow which does exactly what you want URL:

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