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After watching the absolutely amazing 10/GUI video, I have been dying to try to implement something like this. I can do the software side quite easily, but I don't have the hardware.

The Wacom Bamboo Fun would work, but the Linux drivers don't support the multi-touch features.

Microsoft's "UnMouse Pad" looks like the perfect solution, but it is not commercially available yet.

Are there any similar devices that would work? Alternatively, is there a way to build a DIY version? (It is fairly easy to build a multi-touch display with a webcam and IR LEDs, but it would not be pressure sensitive. Does anyone have any info on how the UnMouse Pad works and if it is possible to build one?)

EDIT: I should clarify that I don't want a multi-touch display. I want the sensor to be separate from the display. If that sounds crazy, watch the 10/GUI video.

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The Linux Wacom Project supports the Wacom Bamboo and Bamboo Fun tablets, which have multi-touch.

I ordered a Bamboo Pen and Touch and it works great with the latest drivers, but I had to compile it myself since it's not in Ubuntu's repositories yet.

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Tuxmobil There's a fairly comprehensive list of links to pages including sites where people have setup linux on a wide variety of tablets using different *nixes. They ware written in a wide variety of usefulness too. Some require some detailed knowledge of the OS used.

Scroll down to the bottom on that page & there's section "TouchScreen Drivers"

There is a description of how to set multi-touch up in linux at the ENAC Interactive Computing lab

Update: Thanks for reminding me to read %%$&##! question before I whip off an answer....

Two links you may find interesting: 1. A page on how to build a "5 minute, dirt cheap multiyouch pad". It says a windows library touchlib is required, but it's written in C++, so ... 2. has some ubuntu-based compiling instructions.

There's also a Natural Interface Users Group site. Small, but promising.

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As far as I can tell, those are just about multi-touch displays, not multi-touch pads (i.e. the sensor is separated from the display, as in 10/GUI). Also, that is just about the software. I'm writing my own software anyway, so that doesn't really help. This is quite frustrating since it should be a lot easier and cheaper to create a multi-touch sensor when it doesn't have to be transparent... – Zifre Feb 6 '10 at 0:45

You can code it as a Compiz plugin like this one:

Alternatively you can follow what is being done in the "official" Linux community (Ubuntu, Red Hat etc) by using the MPX+multitouchd driver to the Xorg.

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I'm not worried about the software part. I can deal with that. I'm just looking for the hardware, because I don't have any. – Zifre Apr 22 '10 at 0:14

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