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If I'm in a directory that contains a file called "日本語.txt", dir will show the filename as "???.txt". I tried changing the command prompt font to Lucida Console, but then the name just shows up as a bunch of boxes. I know Lucida Console has Japanese characters, so why doesn't it work?

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See also… – Sinan Ünür Feb 2 '10 at 2:40

That's a problem related to the CODE-PAGE used (think about it as a linux LOCALE). You set those up with the chcp command

CHCP [nnn]

nnn Specifies a code page number.

Type CHCP without a parameter to display the active code page number.

Try by setting one of the CPs commented here:

By the other side, if you use the Lucida Font in console, you can allways copy the garbled output and paste it in a word processor. The characters will be readable there.

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