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I am a Mac and I don't support your printer. Hi, I am a PC and I do.

Per this question, there aren't any mac drivers for my Dell v305W printer. Is there anyway, I can share this printer to the Mac via my PC or via a VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine (that's running on my mac the whole time anyway)? Or do I still need to have a Mac driver no matter what.

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From Mac OS X Hints: Print to a non-Mac-supported Windows-connected printer

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This so totally worked. The link to the actual instructions is here: The instructions are long and somewhat complicated for a non-power-user, but very detailed and filled with screenshots. The whole thing took about good 20-30 minutes to complete. – AngryHacker Jul 21 '09 at 22:02

You can try to use a generic printer driver to share the printer. If there is a generic printer driver you can use for your Mac to share from your PC should do the trick.


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