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Where can I find really old versions of Firefox?

How can I clearly downgrade Firefox?

Particularly,need 3.5 version.

Seems that 3.6 has some problems with Firebug for me.

Links for official site downloading page goes to latest 3.6 version any way.

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Ensure you are using the latest (V1.5) Firebug... it didn't prompt me to update so I just installed the latest version manually without problem. –  Richard Feb 2 '10 at 15:16
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You can download Firefox 3.5.7 in the older downloads section of the Firefox download page.

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i am using firefox 3.6 and it still work with firebug 1.5.

the solutions for downgrade the firefox, you should uninstall the firefox and then you could get old version from filehippo.com

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