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When you select an email in it will highlight all of the other emails in the same conversation in light blue color. Is it possible to somehow tell to select all of these messages so that I can delete them or move them to a different folder?



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Are you in Organize by thread mode (View menu)? When viewing messages in thread mode, selecting the top level of a given thread will select all the messages. If you're viewing one message within the tread, pressing ← will close the tread and keep it selected, which includes all the contained messages.

enter image description here

(I snagged the above picture from here.)

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There's a menu item View » Select » All Messages in this Thread with the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-K.

alt text

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  1. Shift + click on the first message.
  2. Shift + click on the last message in the thread.
  3. Command + click and delete.
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