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I am having a Laptop with vista premium. I have setup wireless connection. I am having BSNL ADSL Modem for broadband and also i am using it as a wireless router from router i had connected one port to my linksys router which was connected to another computer in my network. I had also one wired connection which direcly connect to linksys router.

My query: Initially I am able to connect to another computer in lan through wireless connection by since last one month I am unable to connect. So for lan connection I have to join wired and for internet connection of BSNL I have to connect wireless. I am unable to see to another computer in lan when wireless connection was done. Many time it was happen that to connect another computer I have to use ip adderss because by computername I am not able to connect. Kindly sove my problem or mail me on urgently. Thanks in advance.

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Has anything changed in your network setup within that time frame? I'd check the NetBIOS settings to start.

Right-click your connection and select properties, then select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and hit properties once again. Click the Advanced button and navigate to the WINS tab. Near the bottom, ensure NetBIOS is not disabled like this:

alt text

What you want essentially is to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP:

alt text

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