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I can't seem to install Visual Studio .NET on my Windows 7 machine (64 bit). Do I need Visual Studio 2008 to install?

I'm also looking for a good ASP.NET editor (which supports Intellisense), any recommendations?

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You might need Visual Studio 2008 for Windows 7 (though the 2005 version should also install).

If you haven't got access to the full version then I'd recommend getting the Express edition.

You will need the Web Platform version.

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What was the message you got from the VS2005 installer that stopped you from installing it?

It should work as long as you run it as Administrator (Right-Click -> "Run as Administrator...". You will need to apply SP1 and the SP1 Update for Windows Vista after you have installed it. There are similar steps you will need to follow to install SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition.

More specifics on Stack Overflow, "Installing Visual Studio 2005 on Windows 7 X64".

Visual Studio is pretty good for ASP.NET, take a look at Visual Studio 2010.

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