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I have an nVidia FX1300 and can't figure out which driver to use on openSuse 11.2. This card isn't listed for any of the one-click installs.

I need version 173.14.22 of the driver. Do any of the one-click installs contain that?

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The second one click install on that link installs x11-video-nvidiaG01 which is the 173 series driver.

NVIDIA have three driver versions - current (190.xx), "new" legacy (173.14.xx), "old" legacy (96.xx) - any of the 173 drivers will support your card.

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  1. Download the driver directly from NVIDIA.
  2. Stop X.
  3. Run the installer as root (sudo sh NVIDIA.....)
  4. Start X.
  5. Done.
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Yes, but I like using RPMs so that I don't have to manually reinstall the driver each time the kernel is updated. – Bob Feb 2 '10 at 23:15
You can (with some effort, I admit) hook the driver in with DKMS so the kernel mode driver is automatically rebuilt. See here: (I know it's Ubuntu but I'm hoping the core principals are still the same). – Oli Feb 3 '10 at 13:21
The other option is to write a very small script that stops GDM, runs the installer with the quiet flag and starts x. When you do do a kernel update and reboot, you just have to run your script (taking 20-seconds) and you're good to go. – Oli Feb 3 '10 at 13:22

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