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I run VM Ware Fusion 3 on a Mac Book Pro 17 hooked to a Dell 30 inch screen

I CAN manage to get a Resolution of 2560 * 1600 on Mac OS X(MacBook Pro), but can't on Win 7 (on the exact same MacBook Pro)

The highest resolution I can get on MS Win 7 is 2048 * 1536 (and I want to be able to set it to 2560 * 1600 to fully enjoy the real estate of my 30 inch screen!)

I have searched the KB, and found an article which mentionned that I should add the following lines in the vmx file (which I did) The lines are the very bottom of the vmx file

svga.maxWidth = "2560"
svga.maxHeight = "1600" 
svga.vramSize = "16384000"

KB Article :

I did the manipulation describe in the KB above however, I rebooted several times, but I still can't get the correct resolution to show in Windows

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All was the required was to install the VM Ware Tools on Windows 7 (using Fusion), the 3 lines I have added above were unnecessary.

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