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Is there any program on Mac which can zip big files in small pieces (free ones are preferred)?

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Any command-line archiving tool can do this when combined with the split command:

gzip example:

tar cf – |gzip -9 -c |split -b 100M split_archive.tgz.

The files generated will look like:


To put them back together, use cat split_archive.tgz*

If you already made an '' of some files using the right click menu, you can split it after the fact by typing in a terminal:

split -b 500m
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7-Zip can do this, and it's open source and free.

You can find the Mac OS X downloads towards the bottom of the page.

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I was checking this but have not find any info regarding this on their website. – itsaboutcode Feb 3 '10 at 23:22
@itsaboutcode - Their website is very lacking when it comes to documentation of what 7-zip can do. But my windows version of 7-zip can split large archives into smaller so I assume the mac version can do the same. – Nifle Feb 3 '10 at 23:37

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