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Can anyone recommend a quality packet builder? I'm analyzing network traffic (academic purposes) with Wireshark, and I'd like to be able to create packets as well. Open Source is always a bonus.

I'm using Windows 7.

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I'll be trying these out over the weekend and update when I've picked my favorite - thanks to all! – user16511 Feb 5 '10 at 5:46
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  1. If you are willing to dabble a bit in Python,
    Scapy is a good tool.
  2. For simpler activities, hping3 is a quick Tcl based tool.

An important advantage with these is, they are available as debian packages.

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+1 hping is great software. – Dentrasi Feb 4 '10 at 18:28

I used to use Packetyzer. But @nik's suggestion of Scapy is what I would have used had I needed to forge more than a few packets.

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There are various packet builders hardware and software based (see my listing below).

For your purposes I can only agree with nik's recommendation.

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Netwox will likely do what you want. It did a lot of that stuff for me (see here).

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What is your OS?I am testing network monitor under windows, and I am using Colasoft Packet Builder.

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